Author: Alyson Stone

5 Powerful Reasons To Add Twitter To Your Social Selling Process

B2B companies are slowly starting to understand the value of adding social media into their sales process. There are many self-proclaimed “social selling” experts telling you what you should and shouldn’t be doing. It’s surprising how many of these people are not valuable and not visible on the channels they are claiming you should be on. In the video below, Gabe Villamizar and Jack Kosakowski dive into their stories and the value that Twitter has brought to their careers and numbers. Gabe and Jack are true practitioners in the social selling space; they are living and breathing the process...

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Interview with Dave Stein and Steven Andersen (Beyond the Sales Process)

We are very proud to post the first published interview with Dave Stein and Steve Andersen, co-authors of the just-released book, Beyond The Sales Process. The book is predicated on the idea that salespeople who focus on the immediate sale are miscalculating the ways they should be expending effort.  The average buyer spends only 5% of their time buying products or services. Dave and Steve build their case for taking an expanded view of any sale — using case studies for companies like Siemens, Merck, and Hilton Worldwide. They show, through evidence, that there is a better – proven...

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Is Your Corporate Blog Effective? It’s Entirely Up to You

I just finished gulping down the International Data Group (IDG)  B2B Technology Content Marketing 2016: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America. There’s so much great information and guidance in this report, but I noticed that my preferred content marketing technique — the corporate blog — took a blow in perceived effectiveness among respondents.  Then I noticed that blogs are added into a mix of very different categories of content — discrete pieces like white papers and ebooks and infographics, as well as specific one-time events like webinars and conferences. I contend that a blog is a unique kind of content...

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