Author: Susan Tatum

How to Build a Simple Content Grid

This is the third in a series of articles on content marketing for software & technology marketers: How to Build a Simple Content Grid. The intent of this series is to lay out a clear roadmap for content marketing success. In the last article in this series I wrote about developing buyer personas to get a detailed picture of who your buyers are and how they make the decision to “choose you, a competitor or do nothing at all”. Once you know that, you can figure out what information will attract a prospect in the first place and what...

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5 Signs You’re Talking to the Wrong Content Writer

Finding someone to write marketing content for a technology company can be tricky. As with any type of company, the quality, style and tone of the writing contribute mightily to your image. In technology marketing, however, the content – whether it’s a webpage, a white paper, a case study, a blog article or a product sheet – plays a critical role in a complex sales process the writer must understand. Fortunately, there are some early warning signs that you might be headed down the wrong path. It’s actually pretty easy to recognize writers that don’t “get” it by noticing...

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5 Questions to Ask When You Hire a Content Writer

With all the pressure to ramp up content marketing, technology firms are rapidly finding it necessary to hire a dedicated content writer – either in-house, freelance or via an external content writing service. Today there are zillions (at least) people calling themselves writers and more than a few technology marketers have found themselves burned by hiring the wrong person. This article will help you avoid that. I’ve put together a list of questions to weed out the inappropriate candidates and zero in on the best writer(s) for you. To get the most benefit from this list, make sure the...

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Why Tech Marketers Must Have a Blog

Corporate blogging can be a pain in the butt. I get that. Subject matter experts are busy with other more “mission critical” work. Some of them can’t write well anyway. Actual contribution to sales is hard to measure. Creating genuinely effective articles is much more difficult than most people realize – especially over the long haul. And that, my friends, creates a great opportunity for you because many tech company leaders either red light a blog initiative altogether or start one and then get bored with it. But marketing data clearly shows that blogging works. In addition to all...

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