Author: Susan Tatum

Why Do You Want to Use Social Media?

When business execs and subject matter experts ask me for help with a social media program, my first question to them is: Why? What is it you want to use social media to do? Some people can answer right away. Some have to think about it. And others confess they don’t really know what social media can do for them. The last group is in the majority. Most business leaders just feel they need to be there. That’s not a great reason. “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there” – Lewis Carroll If you’re...

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How to Ace Your Meetings with a LinkedIn Pre-check

These days most professionals take at least a cursory look at a LinkedIn profile before meeting with someone they don’t yet know. This is especially true of business development people preparing to meet with a potential client for the first time. If it’s not always a part of your meeting preparations, it should be. Why? For one thing, it helps to know as much as possible about the person sitting across the table or computer screen from you. Here’s an example of someone who neglected to refer to LinkedIn and is now kicking themselves in the butt. That someone is me....

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7 Reasons Why LinkedIn is the Best Social Media Network for Professional Services

While social media has long been prominent for business-to-business firms in industries such as tech, telcom and media, many professional services firms are just now beginning to embrace this powerful business development channel. One thing that holds many firms back is not knowing on which network to start. Karl was like this when I first met him. Karl is a smart guy. He strongly believed his consulting firm needed to “be on social media”. But knowing which one(s) and in what order was not his field of expertise. So, he asked me – and I told him “start with...

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3 LinkedIn Profile Mistakes that Will Cost You Money

Have you been meaning to update your LinkedIn profile and just haven’t gotten around to it?  You’re not alone, and I hope this article will lead you to rethink that position because the simple act of ignoring your profile incorporates three mistakes that can cost you new business opportunities. Read on to see what can happen if you don’t take action. LinkedIn Profile Mistake #1: Inaccurate Barry is a partner in a Tier 1 accounting firm. He’s been there nearly two years. He hasn’t bothered to update his LinkedIn profile since he joined the firm. It just doesn’t seem...

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Hubspot – Please Stop the Spamming!

Everyone I know who has decision-making responsibility in a marketing agency receives cold email messages and phone calls from Hubspot agency partner reps on a recurring basis, whether we like it or not. About every six to nine months, they crawl out of the woodwork. Here’s the most recent attack: Hi Liz, I shot a note to Mindi as well and though I don’t often reach out like this, I’ve had a chance to really poke around your site and am very impressed with the scope of work. Our focus is on increasing revenue for you while adding value...

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