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What Bacon Sandwiches Have to Do with Social Media

I’m visiting a friend in Seattle, helping her recover from surgery – the 3rd since she broke five foot bones in what must have been a spectacularly inelegant leap from a boat to the dock.  She mentions how difficult it is to get around in the city and how surprised she is by the number of people who won’t open a door for her.  Most everyone ignores her, except people who have been in a similar situation themselves and, for some reason, Uber drivers. This reminds me of one of the most memorable parts (to me) of Steven Covey’s...

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9 Ways CEOs Can Use LinkedIn to Build Brand Awareness

So you’ve come to the conclusion (happily or otherwise) that social media can and should be used to get your brand in front of important target audiences. Now what? Here are 9 steps CEOs (and Partners, marketers, subject matter experts and others) can take to expand and promote a brand. I’ve divide them into two groups. First is a list of the basics. You could consider them the cost of entry. They won’t do much to differentiate you from those who get there before you; but they will put you in the game when someone comes looking. Make sure you’ve...

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Why You Need to Expand Your Networking Strategy Now

I recently witnessed two very different views on network building offered by high ranking partners in well-known accounting firms. Each of these partners – one group in New York and the other in Texas — is interested in connecting with attorneys in need of forensic accounting services in the areas of white collar crime and anti-corruption. As part of our info gathering prior to research, we asked if they wanted to connect with former Department of Justice or Assistant District Attorneys. Both said yes, but that’s where the similarities ended. Our client in New York wanted to connect with...

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Are Sales and Marketing People Ruining LinkedIn?

Not too long ago, LinkedIn was a haven from spam. Messages came only from people you knew or who had taken the time to learn something about you. LinkedIn groups were loaded with conversations between members seeking input from experts and peers. Connection requests, for the most part, came from people who had a genuine reason to want to be connected. The times are changing — and the news is not good. Now LinkedIn inboxes are full of thoughtless, templated and irrelevant messages; connection requests flow in from completely unrelated – and possibly not even real – people; and...

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Why You Should Spend More LinkedIn Time Researching Potential Clients and Customers

Years ago, the opening in-depth conversation between a B2B sales person and a potential buyer was generally dedicated to learning about the buyer(s), their company, their industry and their problems. Try that approach today and you’ll get kicked to the curb. As sales strategist Jill Konrath points out in her eBook Cracking the Sales Code “today’s prospects expect you to invest time in learning about them prior to making contact.” People are too busy to answer questions to which you could easily find the answers yourself. In fact, taking the time to really learn about your potential buyer or new...

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