We work with executives, partners, business development, sales and marketing professionals to identify, locate and connect with your target prospects. We use social media, email and high value content to move prospects quickly through the early stages of the buying process until they are ready to talk with you. We can develop a social prospecting system for you using our proven processes and help you integrate it with other business development or marketing activities. We can train and coach you or your people to implement the program — or run the program for you. It’s your choice.


We understand that your market and your growth objectives are unique, and our programs are custom built for your situation using a framework of components we have developed, tested and refined over time. Each system from The Conversion Company is built upon the following as needed:

Ideal Customer Profile

We help you get a clear idea of who is a good potential client and who is not. This allows you – and us – to avoid wasting resources on undesirable prospects.

Intelligence Gathering

Armed with a working definition of your best potential clients, we use LinkedIn and other online sources to build a list of companies and buyers you want to talk with and to learn more about them.


Once target accounts and potential buyers are approved, we launch a personalized sequence of outbound contacts to connect and develop relationships with these buyers, helping to advance them from unaware to aware to interested enough for a call or meeting.


Networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter are excellent communication channels to help position you as a valuable source of ideas and advice for your potential clients. We set you up with an enhanced and active presence on these networks, which reduces perceived risk among buyers, shortens the buying process, and – in many cases – increases your fees. 

Influencer connection

“Influencers” are people who have an above average effect on buyers of your product or service. They tend to have large and loyal followings on social media and can help your new business efforts by making their followers aware of you and by lending their 3rd party credibility to your firm.

Whether you want to build or enhance an internal business development effort or you want to increase your visibility and thought leadership,
The Conversion Company can help you.


  • They want to meet revenue goals by getting in front of more new clients, with less effort.
  • They want a consistent supply of potential new clients.
  • They want to connect with hard-to-reach  people.
  • They need to quickly identify all potential   buyers in existing, strategic and/or unknown accounts.
  • They are adding BD or sales reps and want to reduce time-to-effectiveness.
  • They are entering a new market or vertical.
  • They believe in the power of “social selling,” but participation is time-consuming and takes too much away from “selling.”
  •  They are disappointed in the lack of results  with their “social media” programs.
  • They want social media to produce  measurable revenue-related results.
  • They want to build visibility for their practitioners and subject matter experts.
  • They want intelligence on competitive  activity and identify opportunities to provide value.
  • They are introducing a new product or service, or entering a new market or vertical.


Our clients are companies who provide complex B2B products and services. These companies find our strategic, highly-focused programs well suited to their needs.


If new business growth is on your agenda, let’s have a conversation to find out if there is a fit. We’ll talk about your goals, your current efforts and your challenges. And we’ll tell you a bit more about our programs and systems. From there we can decide whether to keep talking. Just complete the form below or email us at [email protected] and we’ll get a call scheduled. 


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