If it were easy to find new prospects and keep your existing clients happy,
you’d be doing it.

The Conversion Company will design a strategic program to get you the right conversations and make sure your pipeline stays full, month after month. That’s why professional service firms, from solo practitioners to 100-person firms trust The Conversion Company.

“Working with Susan and Mindi has been very liberating. I now have access and permission to talk with high level people I would not have been able to reach before.”

– Steve Scheier, CEO, Decision Clarity Group

Why The Conversion Company

 You know your area of expertise. We know ours. We know how to find and nurture your ideal buyers. When the timing is right, they’ll want to talk to you about what you can do for them. Our methods screen out the prospects you’ll never do business with. You’ll have meaningful conversations that lead to revenue, not disappointment.

“Susan’s program feeds my kid. This is where my pipeline comes from & I have 20 people right now waiting on my assistant to schedule the call.”

– Max Traylor, President, Professional Services Consulting Firm

Why our way is better

Your personal brand is safe with us. Our focus is to build trust among your ideal prospects. No automated spam. No spray-and-pray approach. Only personalized messages and relevant posts. We use LinkedIn as it is intended to be used. And we keep up with changes to LinkedIn policies and best practices.

“Thanks to the work of The Conversion Company, I am now one of the go-to experts in a highly competitive field and their prospecting efforts are helping fuel expansion of our partner channel.”

– George Brontén, CEO, Membrain

Take the first step

The only thing worse than cold calling when you’re busy is to suddenly discover your pipeline has dried up. The program we create for you produces a steady flow of leads and minimizes the amount of time you spend on developing the business you need to grow.

Why Do You Want to Use Social Media?

Why Do You Want to Use Social Media?

When business execs and subject matter experts ask me for help with a social media program, my first question to them is: Why? What is it you want to use social media to do? Some people can answer right away. Some have to think about it. And others confess they don’t...

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