Finding someone to write marketing content for a technology company can be tricky. As with any type of company, the quality, style and tone of the writing contribute mightily to your image. In technology marketing, however, the content – whether it’s a webpage, a white paper, a case study, a blog article or a product sheet – plays a critical role in a complex sales process the writer must understand.

Fortunately, there are some early warning signs that you might be headed down the wrong path. It’s actually pretty easy to recognize writers that don’t “get” it by noticing what’s missing in your conversation at the start of a project.

For example:

  • They don’t ask about your objectives.
  • They don’t ask you about the target audience.
  • They don’t ask at what stage in the buying cycle the content will be used.
  • They don’t ask about your keywords.
  • They don’t ask to see your other content.

Without knowing what you want to accomplish with a piece of content, or who will be reading it and what questions and needs they are likely to have, it’s highly unlikely any writer will develop content that delivers results. Without knowing your keywords, no writer can help you with search engine traffic. And without looking at your other content – especially pieces that are used with the same target audience – how can a writer keep the flow going?

Sure, it’s your job to have answers to these unasked questions and you can provide the information even if the writer fails to ask for it. But if the writer already knows this information is critical, you’re that much closer to a great piece of content.

Which would you rather have – a writer who gets it or one who doesn’t?