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My name is Susan Tatum and I’m the founder of The Conversion Company.

I’ve always been fascinated in how to motivate business prospects. I’ve watched social media change the way we network.

In the beginning I wondered if businesses could use LinkedIn to grow their revenue or to find new customers. When it comes to lead generation I believe in quality, not quantity. As a consultant myself, I know – there’s no time to waste on the wrong prospects.

In 2008 a colleague and I developed a process for B2B lead generation. What is different about this process is that it stays true to my belief. It identifies the highest quality prospects. It is relationship based. And it adapts to new ways of finding prospects, like on LinkedIn.

And that’s how The Conversion Company came to be. I had found the answer to using LinkedIn to grow businesses. Without damaging brand reputations. Without wasting time on the wrong prospects.

I wanted to share this discovery with other businesses. Because to me, business development is not about amassing a list of names. And it’s not about adding to the static on LinkedIn.
It’s about prompting prospects to step up and talk about buying the services they need. It’s about building trusted relationships.

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