Author: Susan Tatum

A Silver Lining Inside This Cloud

For all the terrible challenges business owners face in 2020, there is actually some good. If we approach this right, many firms will not simply survive but will come out stronger because of it. In this episode Susan Tatum talks with Ben Lack, CEO of Interrupt Media, about the opportunities to focus, to become essential to our clients and to strengthen the bond with those we love.

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How Human Nature Affects Buyers’ Choices

Much of human behavior remains the same because so many things that drive our behavior are innate and hard wired. But context changes things enormously – even beyond recognition. Whether caused by a pandemic or the growing influence of AI in our lives, buyers are looking at their choices through a different lens. In this episode, Susan Tatum interviews Matthew Willcox, author and founder of behavioral insights consultancy, The Business of Choice, to learn more about what has changed and what has stayed the same.

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How Our Behavior DNA Dictates Our Financial Decisions With Hugh Massie

There are so many insights that we could get from understanding how behaviors, as hard-wired in our DNAs, tend to dictate how we react in different situations. Chairman and CEO of DNA Behavior, Hugh Massie, sheds light on the truth about this and how it is so. Covering our financial decisions in the way we handle pressure and emotions, he points to the unknown behaviors we took on from when we were born that seem to derail our performance. Hugh puts that in the context of how we manage money, build businesses, develop relationships with clients, and lead better. Take a deep dive into this interesting topic and use the behavioral insights and wisdom to take control and empower yourself even more.

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