Author: Susan Tatum

How Our Behavior DNA Dictates Our Financial Decisions With Hugh Massie

There are so many insights that we could get from understanding how behaviors, as hard-wired in our DNAs, tend to dictate how we react in different situations. Chairman and CEO of DNA Behavior, Hugh Massie, sheds light on the truth about this and how it is so. Covering our financial decisions in the way we handle pressure and emotions, he points to the unknown behaviors we took on from when we were born that seem to derail our performance. Hugh puts that in the context of how we manage money, build businesses, develop relationships with clients, and lead better. Take a deep dive into this interesting topic and use the behavioral insights and wisdom to take control and empower yourself even more.

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Building A Business Network With Jonathan Rosen

Business networking groups can be a huge boon to you and your business if you fall in with the right crowd and learn to communicate the way you need to. Otherwise, these groups can just end up being a waste of your time because they won’t lead you where you need to go. The Founder of Collaberex, Jonathan Rosen, gets into what you need to look out for in business networking groups.

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