How The Conversion Company Helps Our Clients Reach Their Objective

At The Conversion Company we’re proud of the results we consistently deliver to our clients through the use of social media as a serious business tool. Here are a few examples of results you are likely to see.


An accepted invitation request indicates an interest in what you are doing and a willingness to accept future communication – as long as it is of value. You could think of this as the equivalent of providing contact information on a landing page.

Each new connection also increases the number of people who are potentially exposed to your messages and exponentially increases the number of LinkedIn members to whom you have access. This increases your ability to find prospects, sales opportunities, future employees and all types of partners.


LinkedIn not only contains an extensive database of business professionals, it is one of the most accurate sources of information about individuals’ current job titles and employers. The prospect and other target audience databases we build for our clients are exceptionally clean and up-to-date, reducing waste and allowing you to get to your prospects faster.


An opportunity to speak offline with qualified prospects is often the ultimate goal. Opportunities for phone calls generally occur after a series of high value messages has been sent. Asking for the call too soon will result in the prospect turning you off.

We have created opportunities for sales calls for our clients with companies including: Microsoft, Citibank, ADP, SDL, Corel, Prudential, Chrysler, Oracle, BMC Software, PayPal, GlaxoSmithKline, Cisco, Dell, AstraZeneca, British Telecom, Office Depot and EMC.


As traditional methods of prospecting (cold calls, cold emails, direct mail) become less and less effective, high level prospects are more open to outreach efforts via LinkedIn.

Access to these prospects can be achieved through increased exposure via publishing and participation in LinkedIn groups, monitoring and liking or sharing your prospects’ content, and carefully crafted one-to-one outreach. For some companies, a custom LinkedIn group holds the key to reaching busy, high-level people who will otherwise ignore you.

For example, an SCM automation software vendor had great track record with US military but was unknown in the private sector. Their sales team was finding it difficult to get to supply chain execs. We built a custom group that gave them access to over 700 high level executives in some of the world’s largest companies.


With >430 million members and two new members joining every second, getting noticed – in the right way – on LinkedIn becomes increasingly more challenging. Yet it is critical.

LinkedIn tells us that sales reps who exceed quota get 45% more page views than those who don’t. Increased profile views are the result of proper use of keywords in crafting the profile, visibility and participation in relevant LinkedIn groups, a growing personal network and prospect outreach. Our clients experience rapidly growing and sustainable page views.


Independent research firm C9 Inc. surveyed 9000 B2B sales people and found that those who embrace social selling on LinkedIn created 7x more pipeline and 11x more revenue.

LinkedIn created the Social Selling Index (SSI) to evaluate how well its members are utilizing social selling tactics. While the average active LinkedIn member has an SSI score of 27, 100% of our clients score higher than 65 within two months of working with us. Most achieve a level higher than 75 – and continue to improve.


Twitter has a rapidly growing place in B2B marketing; and many companies run their programs internally, thinking of it as just another channel to broadcast messaging or run ads. We teach our clients to view Twitter (and LinkedIn) as a serious business tool that should be approached strategically. When you bring us in to develop and implement or facilitate Twitter programs, you’ll likely see rapid increases in your immediate objectives such as increased visibility, engagement and more targeted traffic to your website.

A long-time LinkedIn client of ours was happy with their internally-run Twitter program but felt it could do better and asked us to get involved. Within 30 days, they experienced a 10X increase in relevant followers, a 191% increase in profile visits, a 266% increase in company mentions and an average 62X increase in click-through rates.

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