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The vast majority of technology marketers (>80%) recognize LinkedIn as an important place to distribute marketing content. Unfortunately they’re using it as a news feed – posting the latest blog articles, news and promotions in status updates and groups with the expectation those prospects will find and eagerly read it.

Why this approach doesn’t work

When technology buyers come to LinkedIn to get help in solving business problems and make buying decisions, they look for information that is highly relevant to them and is provided by a source they know, like and trust. In fact, IT buyers told Forrester that ease of finding relevant information is one of the main reasons they like LinkedIn (source: IT Purchasing Goes Social conducted by Forrester and Research Now).

Marketers who make the mistake of using LinkedIn as simply a convenient channel to post the latest blog articles, news and promotions not only do not engage buyers, they are often seen as spammers.

What you can do about it

  • Think in terms of starting discussions in LinkedIn groups. After all, that’s what the section is called. Ask questions. Provide new info. Even if you don’t get prospects talking, they’ll notice you.
  • Pay attention to what you are posting in groups. Make sure the information is truly relevant to that group. Consider the roles of the group members and post only information that provides true value.
  • Post some discussions that don’t lead to your blog or landing page.
  • When you do want to link to a blog article, first provide standalone value 
prospects can leverage without having to click on a link and read more. This does not mean the teaser that LinkedIn automatically gives you. Your blog post links should add support to the discussions you start, not the other way around.
  • Do. Not. Use. Auto Post. This is a popular feature in social media applications that automatically distributes your blog article or other content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Unfortunately it distributes the exact same words to every single network, regardless of the conversational style of that outlet or the interests of those who will see the content. On LinkedIn, it makes marketers look like spammers. (Read more about auto-post here.)

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