What we do

The Conversion Company builds strategic programs to find qualified LinkedIn business opportunities for professional services firms.

We design your ConversionPlaybook, a customized plan that discovers and nurtures only your ideal clients and buyers. Our value-based outreach builds your personal brand among your new LinkedIn business connections. When they’re ready, you convert them into clients.

The Conversion Company is perfect for small firms where the experts do the selling, up to mid-sized firms with a dedicated business development staff.

How we create your strategic program

The Conversion Company programs are not for everyone. We start with a few questions to make sure we’re the best fit for you. Then we perform a risk-free audience assessment to confirm LinkedIn is the right way to grow your business.

Our experts work with you to create a detailed description of your ideal client and to position the value of doing business with you and not with your competitors.

A team of researchers use this information to find and validate contacts that will lead to revenue for you.

We customize a program of value-based outreach messages to engage your prospects.

What happens next

Your ConversionPlaybook tells you what to do every day to meet and nurture ideal targets on LinkedIn. It even tells you how to know when a prospect is ready for a call. You only spend time with your ideal prospects who are primed to talk business.

If you don’t have time for day-to-day prospecting, The Conversion Company will execute your plan for you. You approve new LinkedIn connections and take the qualified calls as we schedule them. Our experts take care of the details every single day, while you focus on what’s important to you.

Either way, we continue to provide strategic guidance every month. We assess and adjust your program to ensure peak performance.

Why The Conversion Company is different

We take time up front, at no cost or risk to you, to make sure your ideal prospects are on LinkedIn and our system is the best way to reach them.

The ConversionPlaybook we create for you is a custom strategy that evolves with every month of experience.

Our strategy generates conversations with people who know what you do and want to talk to you about buying.

Our methods protect your personal brand and professional reputation on LinkedIn.

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