How Big Is Your LinkedIn Opportunity?

You can burn through a lot of time and money on LinkedIn if you can’t reach your buyers. We’ve seen it happen. Before you dive in, get the data you need to make an intelligent decision about whether or not to invest resources in a LinkedIn program.

In the Available Market Assessment, you will discover:

• How many of your ideal accounts and buyers are on LinkedIn
• How easy or difficult it will be to engage them
• How long LinkedIn can continue to give you high quality conversations
• Your dollar value of opportunities in LinkedIn right now
• Investment of resources required to get the benefits

Who’s it for?

The LinkedIn Available Market Assessment is for B2B companies and experts who want a targeted, predictable flow of conversations with high quality prospects – without compromising your personal brand or wasting time talking to people who will never buy from you.

You’ll benefit if
1. Your sales process is relationship-based, not transactional
2. You have a minimum annual customer value of $20K

“Identifying the right prospects, having a structure and process for reeling them in, tracking results. That’s where it falls down with others. I’m very impressed with the way Susan and Mindi think – and there’s no denying the results they deliver.”

Steve Lishansky,
CEO Optimize International


If you want to know what LinkedIn has to offer
before you go much further, book a 15 minute
call with Mindi to talk about next steps.

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