Costly Linked Mistake #1 – Underestimating the Importance of LinkedIn to the IT Buyer

Updated: Aug 24


By Susan Tatum

April 29, 2014

Despite considerable 3rd party research uncovering the significant role LinkedIn now plays in IT buyers’ decision-making process many technology vendors continue to view LinkedIn as something to dabble in. Sales people use it merely as a research tool and marketers play around with it when they have some extra time or they relegate it to an entry-level social media person. (See mistake #11).

Why this is a mistake

IT buyers are taking LinkedIn much more seriously. Here are a few statistics from the research we just mentioned:

  • 95% of IT buyers use social media monthly for business.

  • In each of the five phases of decision-making, social networks influence 7 in 10 IT buyers involved in that stage.

  • IT buyers are >50% more likely to engage with their vendors on LinkedIn than any other social network.

  • 2 in 3 are open to connecting with a vendor on LinkedIn; 3 in 4 are ready to have a conversation with a new vendor.

  • Brands with higher engagement on LinkedIn have an increased likelihood of meetings and live chats with customers.

What you can do about it 

If you haven’t yet included LinkedIn on your list of primary sales and marketing channels, now is the time to do so. There are hundreds of books, blogs and forums (including LinkedIn’s own) that will teach you the mechanical basics of how to do things on LinkedIn.

Reading this blog regularly will help you move beyond the mechanics and take a more strategic and results-producing approach. Knowledge of technology sales and marketing and the IT buying process will you ensure you connect with buyers and move them along toward the sale.

Underestimating the importance of LinkedIn to the IT buyer is one of 12 costly mistakes technology companies are making on LinkedIn right now. You can read about the rest – and how to avoid them – by downloading the full free report here: 12 Costly LinkedIn Mistakes Technology Company are Making on Linked and What To Do About It.

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