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The Conversion Company builds complete, hyper-focused programs to find qualified business opportunities for you or your firm. 


We spend three months working together to develop, test and refine a customized system that discovers and nurtures only your ideal clients, and helps foster a trusting business relationship from the first contract. 


Our brain science based outreach builds your personal brand among your new business connections and gets you the conversations you need to meet your revenue goals. You’ll start experiencing those conversations in the first month.

Predictable, scalable, efficient business development doesn’t begin or end with one phone call. Ours is the only business development process that leverages human conducted research and science-driven insights to help you comfortably start new prospect engagement, identify opportunities, establish relationships and secure your ideal clients using our proven Conversion Pipeline methodology...

Your ideal clients are out there;
We help you find them.


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Our four-part proprietary process helps

build your business the right way:

by cultivating relationships between humans, not robots.

You're interested;
But are we a good fit?

We develop pipeline-filling programs for well differentiated B2B companies and experts whose success depends on building strong relationships.

But are we a good fit?

A Not-so-great Fit:

  • You’re looking for some ‘magic elixir’ or other shortcuts instead of investing time, energy, and financial resources into your prospect pipeline.

  • You believe it’s okay to just send connection requests and messages and let others decide if they’re relevant or not. 

  • You think using automation to fake a one-to-one message is okay.

  • You’re not ready to learn a different approach to building new business relationships.

A Great Fit!

  • You know anything worth building takes time, energy, and effort.

  • You enjoy relationships with your clients and want to build more. 

  • You’d prefer to spend your time talking with a few interesting, relevant people who might actually become clients than filling your calendar with the wrong prospects.

  • You value your personal and company brands - and don’t want to hijack your momentum with spam, noise and hard-sell tactics.

If this is you, we would love to talk with you.