We believe relationships are the currency of business development —
and many companies are relationally bankrupt.

Spamming or ignoring your prospects is the fast track to
spoiling the experience for everyone.

Meaningful relationships are built on trust —
you can’t fake or automate your way to authentic connection.

We recognize our clients’ trust hangs in the balance
with every decision and action we make and take on their behalf.

We are anti-spam, hacks, and shortcuts because we
value our clients’ brands and reputations as highly as our own.

We hold sacred the chance for continuous improvement,
testing new ideas, and realigning with our ever-changing marketplace.

Ignore this and your outreach goes stale. 

Anything less is a disservice to our clients, our industry,
and those who trust our voices to create a better future.



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For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved connecting with the right people to help build businesses through relationships. It’s all about quality, not quantity, a concept missing from so many businesses. When I saw the true networking potential of LinkedIn in 2008, it sparked an idea.

I wondered how businesses could use LinkedIn to grow their revenue or to find new customers. A colleague and I developed a new process for connecting with the right B2B prospects on LinkedIn. It couldn’t feel forced, automated, or out of alignment with our core beliefs of connection and relationships.

That introduced what we now know as The Conversion Company. We found the answer to using LinkedIn and other platforms to grow businesses the right way. Without damaging brand reputations. Without wasting time on the wrong prospects. Without adding more noise that only confuses your audience.

It starts with human connection and real relationships. And I couldn’t be happier being where we are today.


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Karen has been a key member of The Conversation Company Team since it opened in 2010. She is a LinkedIn implementation expert and has a knack for finding clients’ ideal prospects while filtering out the rest. As our most experienced pipeline specialist, Karen provides research, outreach and account monitoring while helping to train and mentor new specialists. She also plays a key role in testing and refining our processes to better serve our clients.