Building relationships with most everyone you meet is a sure-footed way to steadily build and earn business.  The reason this works so well is because trust is the soul of sales.

On the downside, obstacles are plentiful throughout the sales cycle.  The most common complaint from salespeople is, “It’s close to impossible nowadays to reach the decision maker.”

Creativity vs. Impersonal

The heart of the problem is impersonal communication.  Robotic style phone calls, email blasts, and a lack of empathy will turn almost everyone off.

Let’s consider an entirely new strategy: Creativity.

Creativity goes a long way to find a winning strategy for making the sale.  Two specific online social media platforms will empower you in connecting with the right people.  Done well, opportunity will await you.

The strategic solution? Twitter + LinkedIn.

Part 1: Twitter

Twitter is a highly dynamic platform that provides outstanding insights from around the globe to learn and grow.  The Twitter app is time efficient and effective for growing your account. This medium can be a game changer.  To be truly effective, check your communication style.  Your unique style holds the key to attracting your desired clientele.  Working the platform well, you will also build a sound reputation and increase recognition.

Twitter Tips

  • Connect with those who inspire, educate, or motivate as you read their tweets.
  • Re-tweet the messages you most enjoy or find beneficial.
  • Share your best insights — those that will likewise benefit your desired audience.


elinor illus 1

Twitter and Relationships

  • Answer tweeted messages as soon as you see them.
  • Make it a habit to message those whose tweets you particularly enjoy.
  • Via Twitter, offer and accept invitations to connect on LinkedIn.

Part 2: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a gift to salespeople.   Millions of profiles of desirable prospects are available for your connection request.  You can read the details of their work history and very often of their interests, too.  Use the messaging system to begin the dialogue.  The first sentence should explain what caught your interest on their profile, and why you would like to connect.


numbers game


Why the LinkedIn/Twitter Strategy Works

Sales is referred to as a numbers game.  Top producers earn sales from approximately 25% of everyone contacted.  In other words, they lose 75% of the time.  Phone calls are ignored more than ever, and email blasts are know to only secure a fraction of 1%.  Ouch!

By personalizing the information you send online, your process becomes highly efficient and effective.  While you’re contacting fewer people, the percentage of favorable response is far greater.

The significant game change for improved sales numbers occurs due to:

  • An improved method for qualifying and matching connections
  • An appreciative network that re-posts your information.
  • The exponential factor of favorable word spread on your behalf

The Techniques of Success

By incorporating a few Twitter and LinkedIn strategic social selling concepts into your daily workflow, you can see the difference personal communication and creativity make in your business growth. Once you have your Twitter/LinkedIn  system in place, be sure to track your results. Are your business relationships richer as a result of your new approach? Are you getting more business? Are Twitter and LinkedIn adding more business value?

Here is the basic process for a Twitter/LinkedIn program:

  1. Personalize communication.
  2. Accept invitations to connect as the requestors meet with your priorities.
  3. Thank people for their invitation to connect.
  4. Thank people for following you.
  5. Thank followers for re-posting your work.
  6. Make a habit of finding new qualified people with whom to connect.
  7. Provide a choice of dates and times to talk.
  8. Offer introductions.
  9. Voluntarily re-post the work of your connections.
  10. Become the collaborative online leader.

Using Twitter and LinkedIn together is a social selling dynamic duo — the straight line to additional sales. Perseverance and dedication to improvement gives way to the Smooth Sale!